Emilio and his team at nQuery were instrumental in helping us make the right move to a better internet service provider. They did all the legwork and presented the pros and cons of each option while serving as liaison to ensure the migration was seamless. We highly recommend Emilio and the team at nQuery for their professionalism and knowledge.
Leo Gonzalez, Sharp Insurance Agency

“We’ve been a client of nQuery for the past six years, and they have been a major factor in determining our needs from the start. They have always guided us in our decision process, and their expertise has helped us acquire the right technology at the best price possible. Their excellent service and attention have been a key element as to why we are loyal to nQuery.”

Jason Greenawalt, C-COM GROUP INC, Director of Technology

As the Business Analyst for I.T. of our organization, one task that was always a challenge was renegotiating our telecom contracts every 3 years or so. Not because there are many providers to choose from, but because contracts are so unnecessarily complicated and filled with traps to lock down the customer at rates and services that continually drop in price.

Also, new fiber lines are being dropped in new locations all the time, but some companies expect the first customer to order service to share in their “build out” costs. More often than not, when negotiating a renewal contract, your provider will try to sell you more services for your current billing expense, rather than match your current services with less expensive new options. The complicated negotiations, contractual pitfalls and gimmicks, and new emerging technology options make the task of tackling renewal a daunting task. Achieving a setup that would make your organization’s telecom bill a concise, efficient yet reliable, accountable and efficient thus become somehow illusive.

Here is where a professional who has been in the telecom business for a very long time comes in handy. How many houses do you see with a “for sale by owner”? There is a reason why it is a good idea to have a liaison between you and complicated contract you are about to sign, and be bound to, for years to come.

Like a realtor (perhaps even better) a representative such as Emilio Diaz from nQuery Solutions is that person who works for your interests and brings years of expertise, industry contacts aplenty, and a friendly, dedicated and professional demeanor to your complicated task of renegotiating your telecom contract. Like a realtor, the service provider is the one that pays for his services, yet you end up receiving the peace of mind that your contract has the best possible setup. Let Emilio work for you, and if you have doubts about my recommendation, you can ask to contact me directly for my testimony.

Joe Materno, Carisam Samuel-Meisel, Business Analyst, Mgmt Info System

“Summit Aerospace relies on nQuery to provide the voice and data communications solutions that we need to efficiently run our business. The nQuery team’s dedication to providing excellent customer care is appreciated and highly valuable to us.”

Jorge Fernandez, Co-Owner, Summit Aerospace

“We were introduced to nQuery while in need of a complete telecommunications solutions. We needed connections between all of our facilities that included internet access, MPLS and most important an integrated phone solution. Emilio recommended we migrate to a Hosted VOIP solution that would provide a company-wide platform for all in a seamless manner. Understanding that with multiple locations and over 125 employees, we expected migration issues and even had planned back up options.

Bottom line, with the assistance of Emilio and his nQuery team we had one of the smoothest telecom experiences I had ever been through. Not only was he involved in the initial installation but has been available since then for any questions or items needing his assistance. I would recommend the nQuery team to anyone looking for a professional and highly trained telecom team to assist in all telecom related projects.”

Raul M. Camaliche, SVP, Chief Operations Officer, Eastern National Bank

“nQuery Solutions assisted with the evaluation process of the bank’s telecommunication requirements. Emilio and his team demonstrated their in-depth expert knowledge of the telecommunication industry and were able to provide an array of viable alternatives. After the evaluation process concluded, nQuery’s post sales support was exemplary as they were engaged throughout the implementation phase. I regard Emilio and nQuery Solutions as a trusted advisor.”

Roger Sosa, Vice President, Senior Operations and IT Officer, International Finance Bank

“The team at nQuery has been a great partner to work with and a great advocate for our customers. They have worked with us on both small and large Telecom and Wide Area Network deployments and their focus has always been at a high level of customer service and customer advocacy.”

Jorge Azcuy, Director of Technical Services, Compuquip Technologies, Inc.

“Recently the LBA offices were re-located and along with IDF, our technology company, nQuery assisted us from the planning phases to the execution of our move. Their assistance throughout that time was valuable in making sure we did not miss one phone call or one e-mail. The transfer of our telecommunications was efficient and seamless. It is great to work with a company that values our time and keeps us connected.”

Alyssa Ramos, Executive Vice President, Latin Builders Association

“nQuery Telecom Solutions was key in helping Friends of WLRN identify the best fit for our office Voice and Data requirements. nQuery’s proven experience in the telecom/data field provided Friends of WLRN with choices we did not know existed and helped us future-proof our equipment investment while cutting our monthly costs. I highly recommend nQuery Solutions!”

Charles D Michaels, BSEE IT Administration Director Friends of WLRN, Inc., WLRN Radio and Television

“When our firm made the decision to upgrade our telephone system we knew we would be facing some challenges but we also knew that selecting the right company was the key to the success of the project.

Thankfully we relied on Emilio and nQuery Solutions. After our initial meeting it was clear we were in the right hands. Emilio and his project manager understood the scope of the work but more importantly our expectations. Emilio is a true subject matter expert.

He was always straight forward and outlined in detail the pros and cons of each proposal. He put together creative presentations and interactive demos. He provided illustrations, reference materials and made sure our staff received all necessary training before going live.

Emilio’s resourcefulness, ability and expertise really made the difference in the successful implementation of our project. We are extremely thankful.”

Edgard H. Delgado, BERCOW RADELL and FERNANDEZ, P.A.