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nQuery is your partner in identifying the best vendor for your business needs. Whether you need phone systems, internet providers, or call center solutions, you’ll get neutral, unbiased recommendations.

We’re partial not to our partner-venders, but to you. At nQuery, your interests come first.


nQuery provides business telephone system solutions, business internet services and business call center solutions. Our goal is to provide businesses with cost effective phone and internet systems that will help increase their productivity and reduce costs associated with their phone and internet services enabling them to funnel these savings to further invest and grow their business.

nQuery has agreements with all major and regional business phone and internet carriers/providers in the industry. As an Independent Advisor, we are certified and trained on the products and services of each carrier/provider to provide cost effective solutions to our business customers.

How it works? Once we agree on the best course of action, it’s as simple as your company signing an agreement for services directly with the carrier you choose and billed directly from that carrier without any additional consulting fees from us. Because we have long-standing relationships and an extensive list of clients with our providers, many times we can negotiate more aggressive pricing and more favorable terms.


nQuery’s mission is simple: to offer solutions that increase your productivity while reducing cost. To maintain a healthy profit margin, businesses need cost-effective phone and internet systems that deliver robust performance while minimizing your expenses.

We want you to improve your operations and, at the same time, increase savings, which you can use to further grow your business.


Wide Partner Network

nQuery forges agreements with all major and regional business phone and internet carriers/providers in the industry. Whatever your budgetary and connectivity requirements are, we can find the solution that best fits your operations.

Simple Process

nQuery follows a streamlined process when negotiating with your vendors. Once we agree on the best course of action, your company simply has to sign an agreement for services directly with your chosen carrier. You’ll also be billed directly, without any additional consulting fees from us. In fact, we have a long-standing relationship with our providers, so we can negotiate on your behalf for more favourable terms.

Unbiased Recommendations

You have the peace of mind that the recommendations you receive are neutral and unbiased. Unlike sales representatives, our specialists don’t lean towards any particular product; we assess your needs and evaluate which would meet them. We point out the pros and cons of each vendor.

Efficient Answers 

As an independent advisor, we are certified and trained on the products of our partner carriers and providers. You don’t have to meet with several sales representatives and keep track of the advantages of each product. We provide efficient answers.

Let’s identify the provider that best fits your needs. Get in touch with us today.

Business Telephone Solution Evaluations2018-12-19T08:57:08+00:00

We stay on top of current telecom trends so you don’t have to.  Together, we will sit and review your specific office needs and we will come back a few days later with multiple options to choose from.

Business Internet Solution Evaluations2018-12-19T08:58:09+00:00

With so many of your business applications in the Cloud, it is critical that your emails, files and applications are accessible at all times. We will work to find the most reliable internet services to provide an always-on environment at the least possible monthly cost.

Call Center Solution Evaluations2018-12-06T09:49:04+00:00

Most business do not realize how important it is to never miss a phone call. This is most impactful when customers run marketing campaigns and calls do not get to the intended agent. Suppose for a moment that by moving your contact center to the cloud it could drastically super-charge the quality of the customer experience and help retain your best agents. Enter CCaaS—or contact center as a service – the Call Center experts at nQuery can help you find the right call center provider to perfectly fit your needs.

Telecom Concierge2018-12-06T09:49:45+00:00

No more calling carriers directly. We handle it all for you, from initial order through implementation and beyond. As long as you are a client of ours, as your Telecom Managed Services Provider we will take care of all your trouble tickets, contract negotiations, renewal notifications, office moves and growth planning.

Technology Advisory Services2018-12-19T09:09:35+00:00

Although we do not provide any IT services such as managing computers, internal network management, firewall management, security surveillance, cabling, etc., our clients often need help finding IT partners. Our telecom experts work with a large network of trusted IT providers. This is a free benefit that we offer our clients as an added value of being a part of nQuery Telecom Solutions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Emilio and his team are awesome! I have been working with them for quite some time and nQuery has never let us down. They are the perfect partner to help us source and manage our telecom needs. I’ve worked with a lot of companies in the past, but none of them provided the service that Emilio does. He’s quick, thorough and offer solutions. That’s what I need in a partner. #bestofthebest

Nancie Dudash, Chief Operating Office, Quest Workspaces

I have worked with the nQuery team for over 7 years now. They have been a valued asset and trusted advisor for me in the telephony space. Through the years they have expanded their service portfolio to meet my needs. nQuery will always be at the table when I am making my technology decision.

Leterron Lewis, Director of Information Technology, Palm Medical Centers

Rafael and his team are excellent!! They really take the time to make sure everything is running smoothly and that we understand how everything works. Very professional and honest. We are very satisfied with their service.

Steven Silverberg, Managing Partner, Silverberg Brito, PLLC

Telecom conversions are never easy but Emilio, Danielle, and Rafael at nQuery have been very helpful and responsive to help us source and manage our telecom needs. Their solution was turnkey- they handled the whole thing. From the sourcing and managing of the vendors to our on-going needs with billing, support, and training. They never let us go. This company believes in relationships, as does ours. They are now part of our team.

Crescencio J. Ruiz Chief, Chief Financial Officer, Outdoor Empire & Affiliates, Inc.
nQuery Telecom Solutions was key in helping Friends of WLRN identify the best fit for our office Voice and Data requirements. nQuery’s proven experience in the telecom/data field provided Friends of WLRN with choices we did not know existed and helped us future-proof our equipment investment while cutting our monthly costs. I highly recommend nQuery Solutions!”
Charles D Michaels, BSEE IT Administration Director Friends of WLRN, Inc., WLRN Radio and Television