3 Ways Satellite Internet Can Make Small Business Owners’ Lives Easier

Choosing an internet provider can prove difficult. Have you considered the benefits of satellite internet for your business?

The truth is that DSL doesn’t reach a large portion of the country, especially in rural areas. Fiber optic internet, because it is relatively new, is even worse. Even if your business has access to DSL or Fiber, if you’re not close to the central hub, you’re not going to get the fast speeds that most providers advertise. In fact, almost 40 percent of rural internet users lack access to internet speeds that meet the FCC’s definition of broadband service. But it’s not just rural internet users and business owners who can benefit from having a satellite internet connection—having it can also keep you connected during outages and natural disasters like hurricanes. As all my fellow Floridians know, hurricanes can really damage a business, and we’re not just talking about the physical building here.

Are you wondering whether satellite internet might be right for you? Here are three ways that it can make your life as a business owner easier.

Satellite Internet Benefit #1: Rural Availability

If your business is located in an urban area, you probably use DSL or Fiber internet to keep things running. And that’s perfectly fine. These options work really well when you can patch in near the hub. But what if you run a business in a more rural setting, where the hub doesn’t reach, where at best you’re located on its fringes?

Satellite internet doesn’t rely on any infrastructure on the ground to deliver fast speeds to your business. In fact, all you need is a small satellite dish to benefit.

Satellite Internet Benefit #2: Fast Speeds

One of the drawbacks that a satellite connection used to face was slow speeds, but over the past decade, satellite has caught up with and even exceeds hard-wired internet.

Satellite Internet Benefit #3: A Solid Backup Choice

Comcast recently made the news when one of their partners’ main lines was cut. Across the country, Comcast users reported outages that interrupted work for hours. Some complaints were still coming in after a few days had passed. One user said of the outage that lasted several hours in his area that it “completely disrupted my work.” Other reports were still coming in after three days had passed. Anyone who has experienced one of these outages knows how frustrating they can be, which is why many businesses have a backup internet service to keep things up and running.

Sometimes outages happen because of a cut line, as in the example above. Other times outages occur because of widespread damage to infrastructure during a natural disaster, like the damage we saw following Hurricane Irma. In some areas, internet outages continued for weeks after the storm made landfall. Many businesses can’t afford to be offline for weeks, especially small business. Satellite internet is completely unaffected by natural disaster because there is no infrastructure on the ground to destroy. It is a solid backup choice for small businesses that need to keep the doors open for business.

Are you interested in learning more about how satellite internet can help your small business stay connected? Contact nQuery Technology Solutions today. We’ve recently partnered with Viasat to offer our clients a reliable internet connection.

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