Recently, many companies have decided that moving to the cloud is a smart solution. The reason? If you ask those making the decision, they’ll say that cloud storage, computing, and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) not only make their businesses more agile and adaptable but also that the switch is saving them money.

But how can you be sure that moving to the cloud is right for your business? After all, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what the cloud can offer businesses and how difficult the transition is to implement. It can be difficult to tell what the right answer for your business is.

To help you decide whether cloud migration is right for your company, we’ve put together a list of four common myths about switching to the cloud. Here are the facts.

Myth #1: If we move our data to the cloud, we won’t have control of our own technology

Control of your technology, you’ll still have. But all the time-consuming responsibility? Not so much.

In the past, your IT department has probably spent much of its time and resources on constant updates—software upgrades, hardware maintenance, troubleshooting. Moving to the cloud takes a lot of that responsibility away, allowing your tech team to focus on more pressing matters, like creating better business efficiencies and launching innovative campaigns.

Rather than playing an endless game of catch-up, you can actually get ahead.

Myth #2: Keeping data on-premises is more secure

Even with a fully operational security team, your business probably doesn’t have the resources or personnel to protect against the hundreds of sophisticated attacks that plague businesses every day. In fact, you might have been hacked without even realizing it.

Think of it this way. You’ve got your own security experts to help make sure your data is secure. When you switch to the cloud, it’s like having a second team to offer support. Many cloud providers pride themselves on the security that they can provide to their customers.

Myth #3: The process of moving to the cloud is too involved for my business right now

Since we’re talking about transferring petabytes of data, it’s understandable why businesses might be hesitant to take on the challenge of switching to the cloud. The thing that you have to understand, though, is that you won’t be doing it alone. Cloud providers want you to use their services, so they will work with you to make sure you’re up and running quickly.

And don’t forget that you’ve got me looking out for you as well. As your vendor-neutral cloud consultant, I’ve got only your business’s best interests in mind when finding a cloud provider for you.

Myth #4: Moving to the cloud is an all-or-nothing decision

Building off of my last point, cloud implementation doesn’t even have to happen all at once. While many early cloud advocates suggested moving everything in one go, that is no longer the case. Many businesses choose to take a hybrid approach, meaning they move one or two applications at a time, such as email. From there, they continue building at their own pace.

Still uncertain whether moving to the cloud is in your business’s best interest? Let nQuery help you determine how UCaaS can help your business and find the provider with the most to offer.