Your growing business’s needs are just as important as those of large-size businesses. Unfortunately, large telecommunications providers don’t see it that way. The last time you contacted a large telecom/wireless company for consultation or service, you were probably transferred to a direct sales agent, who probably referred you to a busy customer service representative, who most likely referred you to an independent telecom agent. While such treatment might seem dismissive, you’re better off being served by an independent business or individual, a company that specializes in telecommunications services for small sized businesses just like yours.

Take a look at these compelling reasons to work with an independent telecom agent:

Personalized Consultations

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to small business telecommunication needs, and large corporations simply aren’t set up to offer customized solutions to small businesses. When you contact an independent telecommunications agent for assistance instead of a brief phone call, expect the agent to request an opportunity to meet you in person and learn about your business needs. Independent agents make it a point to meet personally with clients and listen to and educate them on the full range of solutions available to their particular businesses.

Wide Range of Vendors

Direct salespersons who work for large telecom companies promote their employer’s products only. In most cases, they’ll sell you their employer’s products even if you don’t need them, or they’re not the right solutions for your business. Independent agents, on the other hand, work with numerous vendors and carriers and sell you only those solutions that meet your needs. Independent agents don’t have sales quotas and performance reviews to worry about, so you can count on agents like nQuery to recommend only the services of vendors and carriers that are right for your business. And you don’t have to worry about limited access. Independent telecom agents have the same or better access to vendor and carrier customer service representatives and technical support teams as do direct salespersons.

The Neutral Party Aspect

In addition to having direct lines to telecom vendor and carrier support teams, it’s not unusual for independent agents to have direct access to the people who own and operate those companies. This kind of access further enables independent agents to cater to your interests when it comes to selecting telecom solutions for your business. Independent agents focus on helping you choose solutions that fit your budget and offer honest assessments for cost-saving measures, such as adapting your existing equipment in place of buying new, unnecessary models.

On-going Support

Should you decide to work with an independent telecom agent like nQuery, you can expect a long-term relationship where the agent knows your business well, can help you troubleshoot problems, and can keep your business machines and devices up-to-date with the latest tools so that your business doesn’t miss a beat as it grows. Most independent agents don’t require you to sign representation contracts, but instead, seek to forge a mutually beneficial relationship that allows them to sell you only the vendor services you need, provide technical assistance as needed, and help you stay on top of rapid technology changes that affect your business.

As the founder of nQuery Telecom Solutions, Emilio Diaz uses his 20+ years of experience in the telecom business to help build cost effective telecom solutions for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions. His experience as an innovative technology entrepreneur and a long-term business owner gives him intuitive insight to help boost productivity and maximize future growth. You can reach Emilio at Emilio@nquerysolutions.comor connect with him on LinkedIn.