As a small business, your company’s livelihood depends on your ability to communicate efficiently with your customers and each other. This is why most companies are making the switch to small business PBX Systems that work with VoIP.

VoIP, or IP telephony, and a PBX system for your small business is a much more innovative way for your company to communicate with customers that extends beyond the traditional phone systems. Price and flexibility are major factors in why most small businesses are switching over to a PBX system for their telecom needs.

Here are 4 reasons your small business should invest in a VoIP-based PBX System:

1. Affordability

VoIP services are very cost-efficient, making them the better choice for communication. Small businesses can average up to 40 percent savings for their telecommunication costs when switching to a VoIP-based PBX System. By helping to eliminate the high overhead costs of maintaining outdated phone infrastructures and ongoing training, a VoIP-based PBX System increases employee productivity, client attentiveness, and overall profitability.

2. Mobile integration and flexibility

Chances are you don’t always work from your office. You have meetings on the go, attend business lunches, network at local events, and more. You need the flexibility of a high-quality communication system that goes where you go. A VoIP-based PBX System offers the ability to receive calls wherever you are — seamlessly. In addition, VoIP allows for Unified Communications (UC), which means if your connection fails, or something more serious occurs, your VoIP provider can easily transfer calls to employee cell phones, or a centralized line, allowing for business continuity.

3. Ease of scalability

When your business is no longer tied to archaic technologies, you can grow without limitations. The same is true for your telecommunications systems. By switching over to VoIP services and a PBX System, you eliminate the need for constant updating of legacy phone systems, which is not only costly but incredibly frustrating.

4. Work smarter, not harder

Newer technologies crop up every day, and the longer your business waits to embrace it, the more costly and time-consuming it will be later.

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” – Max McKeown

The ability to adapt to newer technologies is what defines the industry leaders from the ones left behind.  A VoIP-based PBX System allows your small business to work smarter, not harder.

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