5 Misconceptions About VOIP That Are Costing Your Business Money

How well do you know VoIP (Voice-over-IP) technology and how it can save your business money and improve performance?  The latest advancements include Hosted PBX which allows a business to operate its entire telephone system via its VoIP service provider.   As with any cloud-based system, the burden of maintenance, service and uptime is transferred from your business to the provider, leaving you free to focus on your customers.

VoIP has come a long way, yet some companies still have concerns about security and quality of communication.  Here at nQuery Telecom Solutions we commonly hear five concerns that we would like to address:

1.  Cloud-based phone service is not secure.

While early cloud solutions raised concerns, today the technology provides for even higher security than traditional landlines which are much easier to hack.  With the proper hardware configuration, voice packets may be encrypted for security, and when coupled with a private Internet connection, the path along which the packets travel is also secured, creating an almost impenetrable fortress of voice communications for your business.

2.  VoIP voice quality is poor.

This may have been the case in the past but no more.  Today in fact users report far superior service to a traditional landline and find that voices sound more natural and true to reality when using digital service.  The key to this higher voice quality is packet prioritization and a private access line to the provider’s network that supports Class of Service.

3.  “Switching to VoIP is Costly.”

To truly assess this question you need to evaluate your maintenance cost (15-20% of the purchase price annually), plus the cost of your business continuity risks since your business is responsible for telecom contingency planning, times the number of business sites where you will deploy a premise-based PBX system.  At tens of thousands of dollars in initial cost of CAPEX, as opposed to OPEX for a cloud-based system, the business case is typically quite easy to justify.  Couple this with the typical plug-and-play initial installation, or even the use of smartphones and apps to completely eliminate desk phones, it is easy to see how VoIP can generate significant cost savings both up front and over the long term.

4.  “Won’t VoIP be obsolete in a few years just like any technology?”

Regulatory and business trends are in fact indicating just the opposite.  The FCC recently voted in favor of testing the deployment of IP networks which will ultimately replace the copper-based infrastructure required by the traditional public phone network.  The phone network has mature IP technologies and Cloud is truly being positioned as the continued future direction of telephony.  Businesses who do not adopt these technologies now will be left behind.

5.  “But my business needs to scale.”

Here is the true beauty of VoIP systems.  Since no PBX box is required on premises, initial deployment is incredibly fast.  Providers are able to add lines within minutes and without a need to make an appointment to go to your business and pull cable for new lines.  This allows your business to quickly and easily add staff, whether on site or remote, providing telephony services as fast as your business can grow.

VoIP cloud-based solutions are no longer leading edge.  They have matured and are ready to save your business money today and cost effectively support your growth into the future.

For a free consultation to see if VOIP is a good fit for your business, contact us today by calling (305) 760-8491 or emailing info@nquerysolutions.com.

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