Avaya Partner

Avaya is a global leader in giving businesses the best in communications, offering a portfolio complete with multi-touch contact center software and services as well as unified communications solutions on premises, in the cloud, or both. Avaya specializes in enterprise communication systems. They deliver data solutions, unified communications solutions, and contact center help to some of the top organizations in the world. However, your business doesn’t have to be large to benefit from Avaya’s services. All sizes of enterprises can achieve improved efficiency and collaboration as well as better customer service for a competitive business world.

Customer Engagement

In an increasingly digital global community, customers expect consistency and smooth coordination between physical and digital access points to your business. To create more value for customers, businesses can use Avaya’s contact center solutions to drive engagement through their customizable selection of applications.

Team Engagement

Incorporating communications solutions into your work culture helps build team engagement and collaboration. The seamless, intuitive solutions that Avaya offers businesses rethink communication with clients and partners and between team members, making the experience more pleasant overall. With these solutions, you can grow your relationships and watch as your business thrives.


Cloud solutions from Avaya allow you to pay for what your business needs as it expands. Avaya’s cloud-based solutions give you the flexibility you need to scale your business with its reliable, secure open architecture framework. It lets you concentrate on finding business solutions rather than technical solutions, shifting that responsibility to your cloud partners.

Why nQuery

As an Avaya partner, nQuery Technology Solutions can take away the frustration of working with a big company. We will help you find the right solutions for your needs and work with you and Avaya toward implementing them. With no obligations to sell you anything or to meet any sales quotas, nQuery has your best interests in mind.