Comcast Partner

Comcast prides itself on its small roots, starting with just 1,200 subscribers and growing to become a household name in 39 states. Through its experience growing from a small and medium business into a national supplier, Comcast has gained insight into what businesses like yours need to succeed, and it has the resources to deliver. With its powerful network, fast internet, quality calling, and guarantee of service, Comcast is sure to meet the needs of any size business.

Powerful Network

Comcast’s network boasts 600,000 miles of fiber optic and HFC cable that stretches through 29 regional networks across the country. With their privately owned network, they can deliver businesses high-speed internet to help businesses meet the changing demands of a shifting business landscape. With such a vast, constantly growing network, Comcast is a good choice for many businesses.

Service Guarantee

With Comcast Business service, your organization also gets a guarantee. If you experience a service outage and it’s Comcast’s fault, you will be credited on your next bill. If you’re not happy with Business VoiceEdge or Business Trunk, you have a 60-day money back guarantee.

Fast Internet

Comcast’s internet is wired for speed. When you sign up with Comcast, you have access to speeds up to 5 times faster than DSL, internet speed customization for your specific needs, no limits on data, as well as WiFi hotspots.

Clear, Reliable, Affordable Calling

In addition to unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, when you choose Comcast you also get international calling as low as 2 cents per minute. Comcast’s high definition lines and full suite of services make sure you never miss out on an important call. If you’re away from your phone, you can rely on Comcast’s online message center, which gives you access to important messages from anywhere at any time.

TV for Business

If your business needs TV services, Comcast can provide over 150 channels in HD for less than $10 per month. You can also choose to add premium channels, including sports and entertainment, to your package.

Flexible Ethernet

You need your own office network to be secure, reliable, and up to the demands of your business. Comcast offers speeds up to 10Gbps and point-to-point connection for extra locations with security and reliability built in.

Why nQuery

nQuery Technology Solutions has partnered with Comcast to deliver you fast internet, quality calling, and communication solutions. When you use us to find a solution for you and we think that Comcast fits your specific needs, you can count on us to represent your interests well. We have no ulterior motive, no quotas to meet and no contractual obligations to any carrier or supplier. Our only stake in pairing you with Comcast is to help your business thrive.