, Copper Landlines (POTs) will be discontinued by summer 2022. Now what?

Copper Landlines (POTs) will be discontinued by summer 2022. Now what?

What is POTs?

If you’ve never heard the term POTs before, let’s tell you what it stands for. The term Plain Old Telephone Service is referred in short as “POTs”. This is the phone line technology that most of us are familiar with and have grown up knowing.

Between the late 1800s and 1980s, way before the internet, POTs was the most common and fastest way to connect. And would you believe it if we said POTs still exists today. Those old wires and cables you see dangling over streets and neighborhoods are the existing POTs lines.

Though POTs lines exist, they are fast becoming a thing of the past. With inexpensive alternative options, such as wireless and digital available, the demand for POTs has drastically declined.

Due to its low demand POTs is also more expensive now. This is the reason why a lot of companies and businesses have moved away from POTs towards high-speed capabilities and emergency networks.

POTs Replacement

Replacing this aging infrastructure is the need of the hour. Not only are copper telephone lines expensive to use they are also expensive to maintain. Almost all major providers have started replacing copper telephone connections and moving away from POTs. They are also pushing their customers to opt for wireless and fiber lines or choose cloud-enabled solutions.

But there’s a catch here.

“While it’s true that POTs is an aging infrastructure, there are several applications, such as fax lines, security alarms, gate systems, etc., that still belong to the analog era and are not compatible with digital connections. To add to the challenge is the fact that fiber connections are expensive.” Emilio Diaz, Founder of NQuery says.

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Why Is There A Need To Replace POTs Lines


Landlines will no longer be in use when telephone companies retire the copper-based lines. By August 2, 2022 according to an order by FCC all POTs lines in the US need to be replaced with an alternative service.


Maintaining traditional copper landline infrastructure is expensive. So they don’t incur losses, telephone companies charge their customers high rates. This indirectly is forcing businesses and companies to look for less expensive and effective technology solutions.


Several applications that run more effectively on analog lines, do not work well with non-analog communication solutions. Applications, such as security alarms, gate access, and fax lines are not able to function with digital connections. To keep businesses current, organizations are replacing POTs with updated connections.

So, what is the solution or rather what can replace POTs lines and will there be any benefits from this change?

The answer is LTE.

What is LTE

It is a term used to describe wireless technology that enables wireless broadband communication. It is short for long-term evolution, the fourth generation of mobile network technology.

LTE is fast. It allows users to experience internet in a quicker and better way.

It means downloads are ten times faster. Webpages load in an instant. And, video and music streaming is smooth.

Benefits of Replacing POTs With LTE

Keeps Point of Sale System Of Companies Going

Point of sale of a business is its lifeline. Due to this companies require a cost-effective and high-performance alternative to POTs. Systems that have a built-in redundancy. In just a matter of minutes, companies can lose thousands in sales if their point-of-sale system goes down. LTE is their best bet to prevent their point of sales system from sinking.

Keeps Faxing Reliable

Companies involved in finance, healthcare, and those managing legal systems rely on faxing to a large extent for their everyday functioning. Faxing helps them comply with government and industry rules and regulations. But does switching to LTE for their faxing needs, help?

LTE has proved itself to be a reliable replacement solution to POTs. It is not as expensive as other internet solutions and helps companies cope well with their everyday functioning, such as sending and receiving orders from customers, partners, and their vendors on time.

Maintains Business Resiliency

Totally relying on POTs or even digital communication is not dependable. During a power or internet outage, companies need to have a backup plan. Replacement of POTs by LTE is what can come to the rescue. It not only provides business resiliency but also keeps businesses prepared for any unseen challenges.

nQuery Helps You Advance Your Business Toward Digital Transformation

If you are looking for a communications and technology solutions leader to make the switch from POTs to LTE, BCN and the team at nQuery can help you. They can solve your toughest network challenges and help you build a system for your business that is customized just to fit your needs and requirements.

At nQuery we offer POTs replacement solutions from BCN that connect fire alarms, fax machines, emergency systems, elevators and more so your business never suffers, and your point of sales is always ticking. Our advanced replacement solutions help your business meet regulatory and compliance requirements, so it is better able to advance toward digital transformation.

Experts at nQuery help you manage, monitor, and secure the best network solutions for your company. The solutions they offer enable you to remain always connected to your customers, vendors, and partners with the help of LTE and advanced technologies. This not only improves your reputation but also increases your revenue.

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, Copper Landlines (POTs) will be discontinued by summer 2022. Now what?

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, Copper Landlines (POTs) will be discontinued by summer 2022. Now what?
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