6 12, 2018

Call Center Solution Evaluations

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Most business do not realize how important it is to never miss a phone call. This is most impactful when customers run marketing campaigns and calls do not get to the intended agent. Suppose for a moment that by moving your contact center to the cloud it could drastically super-charge the quality of the customer [...]

6 12, 2018

Business Internet Solution Evaluations

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With so many of your business applications in the Cloud, it is critical that your emails, files and applications are accessible at all times. We will work to find the most reliable internet services to provide an always-on environment at the least possible monthly cost.

28 11, 2018

Upgrades and new features are included

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No more outdated features or having expensive upgrade costs to keep up with the newest technology features. Because you will be connected to the Cloud phone platform, all upgrades and most new features will automatically be available to all users at no additional cost.

28 11, 2018

Staff training is the responsibility of the customer?

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As trusted and valuable partners to our providers, we make sure all of our client’s staff are properly trained on all phone features not only during initial installation but as new features are released. This is also part of our complimentary and ongoing client support we demand from our providers before we agree to represent [...]

28 11, 2018

Who will manage my phone system and who do I call if I have any issues?

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As telecom consultants, the nQuery Telecom Solutions on-boarding and support team is able to provide “white glove” service without the added costs from the large corporate providers. Our team handles the entire installation and training process for our clients from start to finish at no extra cost. You will also enjoy our continued support and [...]

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