Grow Your Business In 2016 With a New Phone System

Recent studies show that Americans are no longer using landlines and voicemail systems at home. So why hold on to old technology in your business? The fact is that traditional phone systems are unreliable in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced business environment. Furthermore, outdated phone systems will continue to cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars annually in usage, tax and maintenance fees.

If you’re looking to save money and increase revenue, the New Year is the best time to upgrade your business’s telecommunications system. The cost of getting a new system is relatively low, and in some cases, upgrading may not cost you any money at all.

Old Telephone System’s Negative Impact on Business

You might think that your business’s old-fashioned landline and answering machine still meet your needs and those of your current and prospective customers. However, these cumbersome systems neither serve growing businesses with small staffs and little revenue nor established ones with large sales forces and hundreds of customers. As a result:

      Important phone calls from current clients and new business leads go unanswered when staff members are too busy to answer the phone.

      Voicemails go nowhere and eventually get deleted.

Missing phone calls and failing to respond to new and prospective customers all add up to lost opportunities. The best way to keep up with everyone interested in communicating with your business is to upgrade your telephone system.

Low-Cost, High-Powered Options

Getting a new telephone system doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. By switching to new technology, you use existing Internet services, which are taxed at very low rates or not at all.

New technology also:

      Eliminates aging equipment and typically high maintenance costs.

      Significantly improves client interaction, increasing the potential for new business.

In almost every case, a new phone system upgrade will have ZERO initial out-of-pocket costs.

If your business is small, upgrading your phone system can give your operation a big-business feel. If you’re established, upgrading provides a springboard to take your business to the next level. Virtual, cloud and VoIP are examples of low-cost phone systems that offer numerous options, including:

      Virtual receptionist features

      Call forwarding

      Name directories

      Extension dialing

      Conference-call options

      After-hours calling

      On-hold music

January is a good time to audit your telecom invoices, request retroactive credits and align your telecommunications costs with the goals your business has set for the year.  From these audits, many times clients find significant savings to invest in other areas of their businesses.   Talk to nQuery today about a no obligation consultation and start saving money in the New Year!

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