How Can Your Small Business Capitalize On the Internet Of Things?

Part 1 Will The Internet Of Things Make Your Small Business A Hacking Target? of this article discussed the security implications of the Internet Of Things.  This article will focus on how to capitalize on the opportunities that IoT creates for small business.

What is the Internet of Things?

As discussed in the last article The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of any digital device to the Internet, including cell phones, tablets, and iPods as well as wearable technology, office supplies, appliances, and even your heating and cooling system.  The trend of connecting more and more devices is on the rise and everything that can be connected will be.  It is here today and growing in significance.  Any small business owner must be thinking about how to capitalize on this trend or risk being left at a competitive disadvantage.

How Can Small Businesses Capitalize on the Internet of Things?

Beyond providing products and services that utilize the Internet of Things for your company’s profit, the Internet of Things will also allow your company to operate more cost effectively. Connected devices that can self-replace or self-maintain will save money and time by automating steps previously undertaken by staff. Something as simple as a copy machine that can order paper and ink and toner before running out can allow for highly cost effective buying cycles by eliminating last minute smaller orders.

But the implications go beyond office devices.  Think about connected traffic monitoring systems.

Most IoT devices will be connected via WiFi or mobile, although more efficient connections will ultimately be required in areas of greater concentrations of devices.  Competition between carriers for this dramatic market expansion will be fierce.  Technology companies like Google are pushing standardization in order to allow for device to device connections without an app.

If your business creates technology then the win will be in thinking ahead to the ways in which your product can operate intelligently online.  If your business uses technology then it would be prudent to plan ahead for increased bandwidth in your office to prepare for the rapidly expanding demand that increasingly interconnected devices will place upon your infrastructure.  With the proper planning your business can implement a solution with room to grow and with the added benefit of resiliency.

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