If you’re researching ways to change your business radically, and for the better, consider switching to a unified communications (UC) system. Telecommunications companies have harnessed powerful tools that unify the range of communications systems you use every day. A single communication solution lets your team focus less on tracking down data and more on connecting with customers and clients, while successfully completing the projects you need to grow your enterprise. Thousands of businesses have responded enthusiastically and deployed UC because they understand the importance of gaining a competitive edge in their industries. So, you may be wondering exactly how UC dramatically changes business, and why it is so popular.

Teams Working Together

Businesses depend on offsite and onsite workers to complete projects and interact with clients. In fact, some businesses choose to have fewer workers onsite and instead work with teams across the globe. In spite of the distance between them, workers need to collaborate seamlessly to fulfill a company’s goals. Enter unified communications. These systems synchronize data on a single platform for easy linking by the business’s office-based computers and the workers’ various electronic devices. Advanced communication and data storage help teams work together, communicate with clients, and build the business 24 hours a day.

Never Missing a Beat

Here’s how a UC solution works. Right now, your workers probably have email accounts on one platform, instant messaging accounts on another, video conferencing tools on yet another, and separate devices for making calls and receiving voicemail. You and your workers lose time tracking down voicemails, emails, messaging threads, logins, and passwords. Switching to a UC system can create time-saving pathways to efficiency, such as:

      Integrated email and video conferencing

      Cross-network status indicators

      One-click login

      Sophisticated contact management

      Ability to connect from any device

      Advanced call forwarding

In the past, supervisors traveled to train and supervise offsite teams, and salespersons made day- and week-long trips to seal deals with important clients. UC makes it possible to do a lot of the legwork necessary to maximize your team’s efficiency, which saves time, and ultimately, money.

The Future Looks Bright and Flexible

UC systems are cloud-based, and this is what excites businesses. You can deploy a UC solution, with all of its software components, and not ever worry about the cost of upgrading. Whichever UC software and applications you choose, they flex, expand, and adapt within the cloud, resulting in cost efficiency. A UC solution also eliminates the need for pricey, traditional telephone systems. VoIP telecommunications work seamlessly within UC systems, offering your business advanced telephony, superior functionality, and security at drastically reduced prices. Ultimately, it just makes sense to adopt a UC system. After all, it is one of the few solutions designed specifically to make your business blossom.

As the founder of nQuery Telecom Solutions, Emilio Diaz uses his 20+ years of experience in the telecom business to help build cost effective telecom solutions for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions. His experience as an innovative technology entrepreneur and a long-term business owner gives him intuitive insight to help boost productivity and maximize future growth. You can reach Emilio at Emilio@nquerysolutions.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.