, Is Fiber-Optic Broadband Right for Your Business?

Is Fiber-Optic Broadband Right for Your Business?

If there has been one question that invariably comes up while I meet with clients, it is whether Fiber-Optic delivered Broadband is right for them. As we dig in and start discussing the future of their business and the development and widespread adoption of Cloud Technologies, the answer is usually a resounding YES!

There are several pros and cons to fiber-optic broadband Internet service. The technology offers data transfer speeds that are faster than competing broadband service providers and unlike cable broadband and digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service, fiber-optic broadband features potentially unlimited range with no degradation in signal strength over great distances, and data transfer rates that travel, literally, at the speed of light.

The primary advantage to fiber-optic broadband Internet is data capacity and transfer rates per line. Light, unlike digital telephone and coaxial signals that currently transfer data for cable and DSL, does not degrade. Even across great distances, full signal fidelity is possible with a fiber-optic system.

Another advantage of fiber-optic broadband Internet service is that the technology has the capacity to bundle Internet service with television and telephone service. While cable Internet providers are also able to bundle these services, they tax the more limited data capabilities of the cable distribution infrastructure. Service bundles from fiber-optic broadband providers are often competitively priced against cable and DSL.

The primary drawback to fiber-optic broadband for the consumer is availability. Implementing a fiberoptic network requires a large investment in capital and the construction of a significant infrastructure up front.

In addition to the large capital requirements and the time necessary for constructing a fiber-optic broadband network, the technology also faces a problem of scalability. Fiber-optics work efficiently in small networks that are confined to a single location where bundled cables of fiber-optic lines can be installed and protected from bending. Bending fiber-optic cables can impede light transfer, and it can lead to permanent damage to the fiber-optics in the cable.

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, Is Fiber-Optic Broadband Right for Your Business?
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