Is Miami Becoming the New Silicon Valley?

Miami — A Tech Hot Spot in the Making

Several surveys have revealed that almost 80% of professionals working in Miami either rate their work-life as “excellent” or “good”.

Many Miami employers have been offering flexible work schedules to their employees along with the comfort to work from home. This has altered the job scene in the city and it has been very encouraging for job seekers to go and explore the many options on offer.

Miami has been attracting tech investors and venture capitalists for years. It’s not that it has suddenly turned into a tech hotspot. The COVID-19 pandemic situation is what seems to have hastened and quickened the pace for this change.

For one, Miami is less expensive as compared to other US cities like that of New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

Also, a lack of state income tax means citizens do not have to bear the burden of high taxes. This not only makes it an attractive “playground” for business activity and growth but also the perfect city to move to for a better quality of living.

Miami’s diverse population and its tropical climate also serve as a big draw.

eMerge Americas Growing into a Worldwide Known Event

One of the premier tech events to connect the Americas, eMerge Americas is the perfect place for entrepreneurs, investors, leading business executives, and decision-makers to meet and exchange ideas.

Started by Manny Medina, eMerge Americas conference features leaders in technology, government, and entertainment.

The event has been to a large extent responsible for transforming Miami into the tech hub of the Americas. The 2019 eMerge Americas event attracted more than 16,000 attendees from 400 participating companies and over 40 countries.

The event featured high-profile celebrities such as the Miami-born superstar Pitbull, venture investor Steve Case, and English singer-songwriter Imogen Heap.

Slowly growing into a worldwide business event, eMerge Americas conference focuses on trying to draw tech talent to Miami. It is also trying very hard to convince and encourage the region’s graduates to remain in the area and seek opportunities, rather than go outside in search of greener pastures.

In the words of Manny Medina, “People ask me, ‘How are you going to compete with Silicon Valley?’”. “We’re not competing, we’re complementing.”

CYXTERA Technology and Appgate

Manny Medina always believed in Miami’s potential, especially as a tech hub. He founded Cyxtera Technologies in 2017 in Coral Gables, Florida. The company is a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services.

Soon his Miami-based cybersecurity company Appgate, a spinoff of Medina’s Cyxtera Technologies, will become a publicly traded tech company valued at $1 billion.

Appgate has more than 360 employees and provides cybersecurity solutions for private enterprises and government entities. Some of its high-end clients include Norwegian Cruise Lines and Fifth-Third Bank.

Francis Suarez’s Initiative to Bring Tech Companies to Miami

Not only have venture capitalists and entrepreneurs trusted and believed in Miami’s potential, the Mayor of the city, Francis Suarez too has thrown his weight behind the city’s growth and transformation.

Though the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the rate of migration from cities like New York and Los Angeles to Miami, what spurred the interest locally was a tweet to which Francis Suarez responded, “How can I help?”

Mayor Suarez is in no way expecting Miami to replace Silicon Valley but instead wants to create Miami as a new tech location in the United States.

The mayor is aware of the fact that there are many companies that are frustrated from paying high taxes and fighting an unfriendly business climate. And it is for them that he is ready to roll out the welcome mat.

“I’m like a college football recruiter,” Suarez said. “My job is to get those people who are putting their foot in the water to get their ankle, their knee, a little more invested in the city.”

Even though the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County produce the most African-American and Hispanic engineers, their futures continues to be at great risk.

Mayor Suarez hopes to convert the situation from a “brain drain” to a “brain gain.”

nQuery Communications and the Miami Connection

The push to turn Miami into the next tech startup hub has been going on for long. Miami is also the city the founder of nQuery Emilio Diaz grew up in. He founded nQuery over 12 years ago and has been witness to the many peaks and valleys that his city has been through. But this time even he is convinced that the time is not far when Miami will emerge as the new tech hotspot.

The current COVID-19 era coupled with the flexibility to work remotely are some factors that have caused the drive to gather momentum.

One cannot deny that Miami is a city of many qualities — from having one of the most diverse populations to being the bridge that binds Latin America to the US. Though the city has been more popular for its glittering nightlife and sunny beaches, Miami also promises to be a more business-friendly region.

With a large number of high-profile companies moving to the city, Miami’s startup and tech ecosystem is looking promising for sure. Many experts believe that in the next 5 to 10 years most cities will look like what Miami is now.

12 Years of nQuery Serving Businesses

“Miami has been so resilient over the years and as it continues to grow and develop many businesses are realizing what I have known my entire career. Miami is an amazing city where you can grow a business, build a great family life and have an unbelievable time doing it.  The word seems to be getting out and it’s amazingly exciting to see my Miami become a world class city” says Emilio.

nQuery for the past 12 years has been serving businesses of all types and sizes. Our mission and business philosophy – we are business centric; we do not believe in the sell and run mind-set. When you become a client of ours we will own the responsibility of managing your technology needs for a lifetime.

A Florida-based company, nQuery has been serving clients across the world. As technology advisors, we provide specialized consulting for immediate issue resolution and industry best pricing and terms.

Having served locally for more than a decade we are familiar with Miami’s business environment and the city’s many highlights. From interacting and negotiating with local vendors to offering technology and office services and products, nQuery has been helping businesses operate quickly in Miami.

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Let nQuery Handle All Your Technology Needs

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