Halfway through 2016, we find ourselves in a largely virtual world. Companies fill orders and complete transactions over the Internet; communities with their own invented languages form around both mundane and abstract concepts; individuals spend most of their time connected to some sort of social network. Not surprisingly, businesses have begun taking advantage of the pool of job seekers who want the flexibility offered by virtual work.

According to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, approximately 80% to 90% of workers in the US say that they would like a job that has at least some virtual component to it. The demand is there for companies to start widening their talent pool across borders and time zones.  As you consider options for expanding your business, consider being a supplier to this growing trend.

The World is Your Applicant Pool

Having applicants that fit your company’s vision and budget is the first step to an effective hiring process. By going virtual, you have access to millions of people with expertise in various areas who want to work for you. With a local, office-based job posting, your potential applicant pool is much more limited, making your choice a much more restricted process. Applicants who are tied to certain locations—because of family, school, or other careers—are more likely to apply for a job that doesn’t require relocation.

Your businesses needs are important, but depending on how well-established your company is, you may have to trade experience with a lower pay rate. An applicant that has 25 years of experience is going to expect better compensation from you than one that is fresh out of college, so you will be able to find someone who is a good match for your budget.

Local Flavor, Global Perspective

As a small business owner or employee, you know the importance of keeping your clients happy. It’s not always easy, though, because consumers want it all. Not only do you have to be a small company that cares–you also have to be able to offer the services and competitive prices of national brands. With access to the vast virtual pool of workers, you can choose to hire particular talents with diverse insights that you may not have the opportunity to hire from where you’re located. An employee from Germany or Australia will have a different take on a problem than a domestic employee—if not because of differences in experience, then because of cultural norms.

To be able to provide the competitive prices that the big names of your industry offer, you are going to have to cut costs elsewhere. This is one of the advantages of hiring a virtual team—you don’t have to rent extra office space or provide equipment for your virtual team. Aside from the initial investment in setting up communications with your virtual team (which eventually pays for itself), there are not many other expenses that you will have to worry about.

The growing virtual workforce shows one thing: people from around the world are ready to work for you if given the opportunity. It is therefore integral to your company’s success as a virtual workplace to have quality equipment and support as you venture into or expand your reach into cyberspace. As the Miami area’s leading telecom solutions company, nQuery Solutions is best equipped to integrate your Miami-based business with today’s technology.

As the founder of nQuery Telecom Solutions, Emilio Diaz uses his 20+ years of experience in the telecom business to help build cost effective telecom solutions for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions. His experience as an innovative technology entrepreneur and a long-term business owner gives him intuitive insight to help boost productivity and maximize future growth.

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