Is Your Outdated Phone System Killing Your Business?

Your current phone system may be killing your business. If youre using outdated technology, you could be missing opportunities to connect with potential and future customers, while paying more for maintenance and support. So how does upgrading your phone system help your business prosper? With the advent and popularity of new technologies, like cloud-based phone systems, service providers have made access to global telecommunications fast and relatively inexpensive. Most businesses who have adopted this new telecom technology have found a smart and reasonable way to keep their business running in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

A cloud-based phone system is a relatively new term for phone service delivered through the Internetessentially, it is on-demand communication. To better understand the terminology, the cloud is the Internet and the system is a group of phones interconnected by the main system, all stationed in various geographical locations. This telecom topology creates a highly redundant solution to protect your business. Since the brains of the system are typically located in hardened facilities, called data centers, the cloud-based design provides for a seamless business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Technology upgrades and properly installed telecom services enable your business to reach its prospective clients much faster, optimizing company time and investment. Most businesses have found success integrating the following technologies into their business:

Cloud-Based Phone System

To senior management, it might at first seem counterproductive to change phone providers and upgrade to a completely new system, but doing so could have a significant impact on your companys day-to-day efficiency. Most businesses fail to factor in how much time they have already wasted running an outdated phone system. Moving to a cloud-based phone system brings flexibility to your companys relationship with consumers, allowing for faster issue resolution. Opting for cloud communication services provides the biggest benefits to businesses with a need to reduce costs and physical space simultaneously. Besides this, buying expensive software and hardware comes with maintenance and operating costs. Migrating to a cloud-based phone system eliminates all major expenses, such as the purchase, maintenance, and support cost, as well as training time. With cloud-based telecommunications, you only need a viable Internet connection.

Hosted Voice

Hosted voice, like the cloud-based phone system, is an innovative service option to the conventional office phone setupminimizing the capital outlay, ongoing maintenance, and support challenges of a system installed to manage your routine business calls. Hosted voice service enables a considerable range of simpleas well as advancedbusiness features that are delivered over a data network connection to remotely hosted data centers. Its flexible approach and major financial and technical benefits make this a good choice when telephone answering and voice messages are incorporated in your company workflow.

Taking your business to another level with enhanced telecommunication management is simple with these new technologies. Whether you choose to enlist cloud-based phone services, hosted voice services, or both, its as easy as the click of a button. And nQuery Solutions can help you upgrade your business and minimize your investment. As pioneers in the industry, we offer business essentials, such as consultation, installation, and concierge services, and our expert services are always free to you. If youre ready to maximize your companys communication strategy and reach a new level of success in your industry, contact the experts at nQuery Telecom today.

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