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What We Do at nQuery Technology Solutions

The other day a colleague asked, “What is it exactly that nQuery does?” We weren’t surprised at the question. In specialized industries like telecom, it’s easy for the specifics to get lost amid the jargon.

Let us lay it out for you like we did for my colleague:

Our Main Goal Is Helping Businesses Get What They Need

The primary focus of nQuery Technology Solutions is helping business owners find the right telecom and technology products and services for their company’s specific needs.

Find out how we tailor our services to meet your business needs while still saving you money…

Award Winning Business Tools

CenturyLink is a global communications, hosting, cloud, and IT services company enabling millions of customers to transform their businesses through innovative technology solutions.  Recognized as an industry leader, Centurylink consistently resides in the leader’s quadrant for Fiber Access, MPLS, Network Security, Managed Services, SD-Wan and Cloud Solutions.

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Like a realtor (perhaps even better) a representative such as Emilio Diaz from nQuery Solutions is that person who works for your interests and brings years of expertise, industry contacts aplenty, and a friendly, dedicated and professional demeanor to your complicated task of renegotiating your telecom contract. Like a realtor, the service provider is the one that pays for his services, yet you end up receiving the peace of mind that your contract has the best possible setup. Let Emilio work for you, and if you have doubts about my recommendation, you can ask to contact me directly for my testimony. -- Joe Materno, Carisam Samuel-Meisel, Business Analyst, Mgmt Info System

Technology News

We love to share news on the hottest new tech trends, services, and products to help your business expand and excel. Read featured articles below to help keep your business in the know.

SD-WAN: Simplifying WAN
Complexity & Improving
WAN Performance

Organizations with geographically dispersed locations often struggle with variations in network service. The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) has emerged as a solution to address variations in network performance across locations. In combination with Network Function Virtualization (NFV), a closely aligned technology, SD-WAN addresses many of the common pain points faced by organizations that need to provide high-speed, economical network service to numerous sites. This paper explores how SD-WAN solves common network connectivity challenges experienced by distributed organizations.

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