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5 Defense and Recovery Tactics to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

If you’ve never heard of ransomware, the thousands of attacks that have been reported over the past year—as many as 4000 per day across the country, including here in Florida—should be an indication that it’s time to start self-educating to protect your Miami business.

The first several weeks of 2017 have been no different, and in fact, ransomware and IoT-enabled hacking trends may just mark the beginning of what’s on the horizon for the year. As seen from incidents at small-town operations like the Cockrell Hill Police Department in Texas, which recently recorded in a statement that they had lost a significant amount of evidence gathered since 2009, to much larger institutions like the St. Louis Public Library


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Technology News

We love to share news on the hottest new tech trends, services, and products to help your business expand and excel. Read featured articles below to help keep your business in the know.

How SD-WAN (Software Defined-Wide Area Network) will make waves in 2017

SD-WAN defined

Taking its lead from WAN optimization, a technology derived to accumulate an understanding of private WAN connections and then optimize them for recurring traffic patterns, SD-WAN goes further by dynamically selecting a more cost-efficient assortment of public Internet connections and private links. It achieves this by allowing a network manager to combine different connections and configure them to behave like a network by using traffic engineering and path selection.


Workflow Is The New Work, And It Needs Unified Communications

Communications used to be a thing. Now, in 2017, communications is a platform. So much is this so that we find firms specializing in the so-called ‘Unified Communications’ space. Pushing this concept to service-based cloud computing delivery we logically get to Unified Communications -as-a-Service (or UCaaS, if you can stomach one more acronym).

What makes communications unified?

But what makes communication unified… and anyway, what was wrong with phone calls, emails and meetings?

The crucial thing to remember is that IT vendors are attempting to push us to a ‘single platform’ in every aspect of business, especially content and communications.