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Unified Communications is a Game Changer: Is Your Business Ready to Win?

Unified Communications is the new black when it comes to business, thanks to the explosion of digital technology in recent decades. Businesses not wanting to get left in the dust have had to adapt to how they operate — especially how they communicate. Enter Unified Communications. This is not your father’s wired, outdated phone system. Traditional desk phones and answering services are becoming obsolete and virtual is taking over. Before, when companies wanted to lower their phone bill by eliminating traditional phone lines, they turned to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP was great for businesses with a fixed workforce and when most communications was done by speaking on a phone. Today for innovative companies, the days of being chained to a desk in an office are long gone.

So what’s the problem if you’re unwilling to innovate and adapt?


Award-Winning Business Tools

Is your business using the right communication tools for the job?

In the competitive world of business, staying connected is more important than ever. If you have mobile team members and want to maintain or even increase your team’s productivity, a fixed phone system probably won’t cut it.

Unified Communications from Broadview Networks and nQuery Technology Solutions lets teams collaborate seamlessly—anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Whether you’re at your desk, working from home, or traveling to meet with a client, the award-winning OfficeSuite from Broadview Networks will make it seem like you are sitting right next to your colleagues.

nQuery clients ready to innovate and win the game of business will see exactly how powerful OfficeSuite is right away with boosted productivity and seamless communication all-around. Plus, Broadview Networks has also provided nQuery clients with a special offer—with promo code nQuery Technology Solutions, our clients choose between a free Mitel 5320 or Polycom VVX 300 handset.

Contact us today to find out more at 305-760-8491 or info@nquerysolutions.com.

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Unified Communications Increases Productivity and Collaboration among Remote Employees

Seamless Communication is King 

As the trend of remote employment continues to build momentum, businesses are leveraging unified communications solutions like Broadview’s OfficeSuite UC™ to manage and equip remote employees. Utilizing the right technology provides all employees uninterrupted access to enterprise information, anywhere, anytime and enables true connectivity no matter the location or device.

Here are just three ways Broadview’s award-winning unified communications solution increases productivity among remote employees.


Want to learn more about how OfficeSuite from Broadview Networks can help your team collaborate better? Check out this short video about how the service works.