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Jan Newsletter

Telecom and IT Convergence: How the Cloud is Demanding Innovation from Technology Leaders The walls that once divided the telecom and IT industries are now crashing down, and it is our responsibility to take advantage of the innovation presented to us, which means it’s [...]


Dec Newsletter

Understanding the Need for Business Continuity Maintaining business functionality during crises is a hallmark of any great company. Communication interruptions, whether caused by internal malfunction or external disaster, can spell disaster for small businesses. READ MORE nQuery Featured Vendor [...]


Nov Newsletter

4 Reasons to Invest in a VoIP-based PBX Systems Let's face it, a small business's livelihood depends on its ability to communicate efficiently with customers and each other–without hassles or disruptions. This is why most companies are making the switch to small business PBX Systems that work with VoIP. [...]


Oct Newsletter

Does VoIP Do More For Your Business Than Reduce Cost? As a small business owner it seems like you need to be everywhere at once. You need to be accessible to customers and present a professional image, whether you’re working at Starbucks, driving to a meeting, or at your desk. Is [...]


Aug Newsletter

Will IoT Make Your Small Business A Hacking Target? You have heard of the Internet of Things, but do you really know what it means for your small business?  Will you become more of a hacking target like, say, Target? READ MORE [...]


July Newsletter

5 Misconceptions about VoIP How well do you know VoIP (Voice-over-IP) technology and how it can save your business money and improve performance?   These 5 misconceptions are costing your business money today. READ MORE Lunch and Learn - FPL [...]