The other day a colleague asked, “What is it exactly that nQuery does?” We weren’t surprised at the question. In specialized industries like telecom, it’s easy for the specifics to get lost amid the jargon.

Let us lay it out for you like we did for my colleague:

Our Main Goal Is Helping Businesses Get What They Need

The primary focus of nQuery Technology Solutions is helping business owners find the right telecom and technology products and services for their company’s specific needs. For example, a small retail business with two or three locations requires a lot less than a regional bank with 50 or more branches. In fact, two businesses that are practically identical in size and scope are going to have drastically different telecom and technology needs. That’s where nQuery comes in.

By sitting down with us and discussing how your business operates, we can help you determine whether your current telecom setup—from internet services to the phones on your desks—is the best one for your particular situation. Taking into account your business’s current position as well as the probability of scaling in the near future, we find you the best solutions to the problems you are and soon will be facing.

Our Services Save Businesses Money

Sometimes after conducting a telecom audit, we find that a company is paying too much for services that are essentially overkill. For business owners and CFOs looking to reallocate part of their monthly budgets to other projects, the extra money—typically 30% to 70% of the budget—allows room for growth. In point of fact, we once helped a client free up manpower by hooking him up with a cloud phone solution. After implementing our suggestion, he was able to reduce the number of receptionists handling phone calls at his multiple offices.

We Are There When You Need Help

Does anyone like being put on hold while trying to reaching out to carriers like Comcast or AT&T? If you enjoy listening to that hold music, we apologize because, from the moment you start working with us, you won’t have to call them anymore. Instead, you reach out to us, and we find the answers you seek. This arrangement works very well for many CTOs and heads of IT who, instead of dealing with telecom in-house and trying to work with carriers directly, add us as an extension of their team. Since we represent over 50 different carriers and offer free advisory services, there’s really no losing with nQuery on your side.

In short, nQuery Technology Solutions makes small and medium business owners’ lives a lot easier. Thanks to the experience and relationships we’ve gained over 20-plus years advising clients, even if we can’t help a client directly, we can point them to someone who can. Whether you’re starting a business, moving your business to a new location, or just want to reassess your telecom needs, schedule a sit-down with us today, and we’ll find the solution that is right for you.