How Will Your Small Business Solve These 3 Cybersecurity Obstacles?

For the cybersecurity industry, 2016 was a big news year. While the number of security breaches did not increase from previous years, the amount of data stolen was astounding—in total, hackers exposed nearly 4.3 billion records, over quadruple the 2013 amount of 1 billion. Hackers and would-be cyberpunks were more than twice as likely to use a Distributed Denial of Service—or DDoS—attack, which can take an organization offline for hours, against large and small organizations alike. From small, yet consequential hacks, like that against the Democratic National Convention, which exposed tens of thousands of emails, to operations of extraordinary magnitude, such as the leak of over a billion of Yahoo’s records, it’s clear that cybercrime is becoming increasingly more effective.

Is it more likely that hackers are becoming more brazen in their attacks, or can we assume that the reason for last year’s uptick in leaked documents is reflective of security measures that businesses and organizations have in place? The latter seems more probable for three reasons.

Take a look at these three cybersecurity obstacles your business is facing today and how the nQuery team can help you overcome them:

Security Personnel Shortage

By 2019, the cybersecurity sector will have between 1 and 2 million jobs unfilled. Businesses and organizations across the United States are currently starving to hire talent with cybersecurity skills, without which these businesses are left vulnerable to hacks.

To fill that void, you should consider outsourcing your cybersecurity. It’s not cheap to hire a team of IT personnel to protect you from security threats. In fact, your vulnerability as a business might not require you to hire even a single employee. Alternative to taking on that financial burden and commitment, you can get as much or as little cybersecurity from a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) like nQuery Technology Solutions. MSSPs can set up a security plan for you to run on your own or take on a daily security role within your organization.

Assessing Risk

Developing a security plan for your company is not an easy task. It takes specialized knowledge of the digital threats at work at any given moment and how they target various types of organizations and businesses. The knowledge that MSSPs like nQuery have is not something that you as a business owner have time to attain on your own. You’re busy enough!

After learning your business’s needs and budget, our team can guide you in how much security you need and where to place it. Once we set your personalized plan in motion, it’s up to you how involved we are moving forward.

Managing Expenses

Many companies don’t know where their vulnerabilities lie, so they end up spending on security for areas that don’t really need it. Furthermore, companies that have their own IT departments have to put up their own money for hardware and other equipment. Partnering with an MSSP shifts this cost away from your business and help you invest in security where you need it the most.

If 2016 has anything to show us, it’s that you should assume that hackers will threaten your company at some point. Once you realize the reality of this fact, you can begin to approach your cybersecurity from a proactive position, rather than responding to threats as they come. For your business, forgoing security is not an option. If you want to find a way to protect yourself without taking on a lot of responsibility or expenses, give the professionals at nQuery Technology Solutions a call.

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