Andrew Carnegie once said, “No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.” I literally couldn’t have said it better myself, which is why I delegated the task to someone with expertise that I don’t have. What about business technology? Are you delegating enough so that you can give your business the attention it needs?

I recently had to learn to delegate so that I could expand my own business. By offering my clients Contact Center Consulting in addition to nQuery’s other services, I was entering territory that was familiar to me (I’m a certified contact center specialist). But I also realized that others were better versed than me in this industry that has not always been my bread and butter.

Enter Sebastian Corriere, a 28-year contact center veteran.

By adding Sebastian to the nQuery team, I’ve allowed myself to focus my energy where it is needed most. That’s what it takes to run a business—letting go and trusting others to help you reach your goals.

You could have an intimate working knowledge of business technology, but if you’re too busy in other areas—like marketing, accounting, or management—you won’t have time to implement or fix anything.

That’s where an independent technology leader like nQuery comes in.

Specialized Knowledge of Telecom and Business Technology

Technology is constantly changing, a fact which can complicate how you implement new products or even update infrastructure. Even switching internet providers can feel like walking through rough terrain. By hiring a technology consultant, you gain a specialized knowledge of changes within the industry so you and your team can make better decisions.

Gain Efficiencies You Didn’t Realize Existed

A technology consultant can identify where your technology is not as efficient as it should be and recommend the changes that are best for your situation. Because your technology consultant understands your business needs and the available solutions that can address them, you can know right away whether making a change is necessary. And if you decide to switch to a new service or platform—whatever your needs determine is best—you can be sure that you’ll gain growth potential and increased productivity.

Focus on What You Do Best

You’re a business owner, so it only makes sense that you should focus on running your business. Business technology—when something goes wrong—often distracts from that core purpose. Even with small interruptions, the time adds up fast. When you hire a technology expert, you can use that time to concentrate on projects that will grow your revenue.

Delegation—it might seem contradictory but loosening your grip and taking your hand out of every single cookie jar actually gives you more control to run a successful business. Andrew Carnegie, one of the greatest business minds of the last 200 years, knew it.

Are you ready to delegate? Contact the business technology experts at nQuery Technology Solutions today or call us at 305-910-2324. You can trust us to serve your best interests.