, Telecom and IT Convergence: How The Cloud is Demanding Innovation from Technology Leaders

Telecom and IT Convergence: How The Cloud is Demanding Innovation from Technology Leaders

The walls that once divided the telecom and IT industries are now crashing down, and it is our responsibility to take advantage of the innovation presented to us, which means it’s time to get your head — and your business — in the cloud, if you haven’t already.

Over the past ten years, leaders in the technology field have hinted at a merge between the telecom and IT industries. This game-changing development, brought about by the advent of cloud technology, marks the beginning of the future of business and enterprise telecommunications. By blending the advantages of these industries, telecom providers and agents can offer their clients convenient, cost-effective solutions for their most pervasive problems—like customer relationship and project management, VoIP, and Internet of Things integration. But as we’ve seen in the slow uptake of new protocols and services, it’s not a change that many providers and agents are openly embracing, which means that young business owners who have a need for technology that reflects current modes of communication and organization have to bypass any sort of effective support system to get them.

Here’s why this gap between the demand for integrated services and the slow reaction to meet that demand is bad for both businesses and independent telecom agents and providers. When our clients opt to forego our expert help for an online DIY service, they lose that personalized support and we lose accounts. If we rise to this new challenge, everybody wins. What we as technology experts offer our clients is much more than a way to simplify communication and increase productivity. Much of the value of our services derives from our continued support through remote and on-site maintenance, so that when problems arise, our clients don’t have to scramble to find a solution themselves.

Plus, it’s true that businesses have to innovate or die — especially in the technology industry. As the lines continue to blur between the telecom and IT industries, we have to keep up with the changes that are occurring in infrastructure, products, and services or risk failure. As this convergence of technologies continues to grow and change in the coming years and decades, we need to make sure that we are adapting with it. We need to educate ourselves because our clients are depending on us.

Adapting to Innovation

At a time when many IT and telecom agents and vendors are sticking with their old and tired business models, nQuery Technology Solutions is working to adapt with the times—with a fresh, new website and line of services—to give growing enterprises the total Telecom IT experience. Though the merge that we are seeing take place between the IT and telecom industries has been a long time coming, telecom and IT professionals have been slow to adapt for one reason or another, to both their clients’ detriment and the disadvantage of their own businesses.

While new advances in cloud-based technologies and Internet of Things products have allowed young entrepreneurs and business owners to get the technology services they need without an intermediary, the support that we continue to offer with our integrated telecom-tech-IT packages meets our clients’ demands and exceeds their expectations. After twenty years of leadership in the technology industry, we are making a change to incorporate new technology and IT services along with our expertise in technology and telecommunications.

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, Telecom and IT Convergence: How The Cloud is Demanding Innovation from Technology Leaders
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