The Business Desk Phone is DEAD…

… or Is It?

In a world where everyone has a phone in their pocket, the desk phone can seem like an obsolete artifact from another era. Yet as technology progresses, the desk line has actually proved itself to be a staple of any functioning office. With a combination of upgraded features and traditional reliability, the business phone system is here to stay.

The Need for a Dedicated Line

When employees make calls from their personal cell phone, the resulting customer contact can actually pose a risk to your company. Without the ability to monitor or record communications, you can’t ensure the same quality service – but you’re still liable for the results.

This means that the office phone isn’t just alive; it’s a necessity. Customers need a dedicated company number to call. Employees need to know that clients won’t have access to their personal number outside of business hours. And employers need to know that calls made in their company’s name are exactly as promised.

, The Business Desk Phone is DEAD…The Hybrid Desk Phone: Traditional Solutions to Modern Problems

Although traditional, buttons-only landline phones still exist, the modern market is also flooded with newer models that offer a variety of features. Digital interfaces allow business phones systems to carry contact lists, email integration, and even instant messaging. Instead of looking up a number and dialing it into the office phone, employees can now make calls straight from a digital client directory.

Hybrid phones make use of cloud integration to ensure that information is the same across all devices. Updated client information will register on every device simultaneously; calls can be recorded and stored in an online database; and employees can find their same work setup if they have to use a different desk for the day.

Mobile Integration: Taking the Phone Off the Desk

Smartphone technology allows any mobile device to accept calls, listen to voicemails, and instant message coworkers – all through a dedicated office line. This mobile integration has freed employees from their desks, opening up new opportunities to travel, work from home, or simply head to a different branch office for the day. When you’re back at your desk, simply press a button and your office line will ring like normal.

Evergreen Accessibility and Reliability

As technology moves forward, so must employee training. A business phone system needs to be easy for every employee to use, whether they’re new to the job or an experienced professional. The traditional office phone is a simple, understandable method of communication with a very low bar of entry. Modern hybrid phones build on tradition with accessible interfaces that anyone can learn to use.

Unlike mobile devices, land lines offer levels of security and reliability that are essential for any workplace. By combining the stability of consistent phone service with the collaborative opportunities of an online phone system, you can promise your customers a consistent line of communication that never goes silent.

The business phone is far from dead. As technology moves forward, the reliability of a dedicated phone line has become more essential than ever. With VoIP integration and countless options to meet your business’s unique needs, you can expect your desk to have a phone well into the future.

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Leterron Lewis, Director of Information Technology, Palm Medical Centers

Emilio and Rafael got us set up with our business internet and VoIP phone system and were great to work with. They responded quickly and made sure to get us up and running as smoothly as possible. Rafael routinely follows up to ensure we have no issues and remain satisfied with the services we use.

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nQuery Solutions assisted with the evaluation process of the bank’s telecommunication requirements. Emilio and his team demonstrated their in-depth expert knowledge of the telecommunication industry and were able to provide an array of viable alternatives. After the evaluation process concluded, nQuery’s post sales support was exemplary as they were engaged throughout the implementation phase. I regard Emilio and nQuery Solutions as a trusted advisor.

Roger Sosa, Vice President, Senior Operations and IT Officer, International Finance Bank

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