Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Business WIFI

Access to WiFi has become more than a simple amenity. From coffee shops, to restaurants, to airports, consumers expect WiFi to be available everywhere they go – and they want it to be fast and free. However, despite these evident demands, many business owners are still reluctant to commit to the added expenses of high-speed wireless Internet.

Many still question whether providing business WiFi makes a notable difference in customer and employee satisfaction, team productivity, and company profitability. Here are five ways that investing in reliable business WiFi can give your company a competitive edge over the competition.

1. Employee Satisfaction

Offering employees WiFi access allows them to detach from the static computer desk. They can work from anywhere through the use of laptops and mobile devices.

This flexibility may sound insignificant, but large tech companies like Apple and Facebook have used this WiFi concept of “working anywhere” to create a vital shift in corporate culture, which has led to lower turnover rates and happier employees. Something as simple as business WiFi can lead to a more productive and satisfied team environment.

2. Team Productivity

As our reliance on the Internet to conduct business increases, so does our bandwidth usage, which can swamp down connectivity. Holdups in your company’s Internet connection can mean lost time waiting for pages to load and other frustrations. A reliable and fast business WiFi eliminates downtimes and increases overall productivity.

This is even more critical for web-dependent companies like online stores, where having the most powerful and consistent WiFi available becomes a necessity. Things like response and order fulfillment can only be as fast as your Internet connection, so losing connectivity results in lost revenue from your bottom line.

3. The Cloud

Cloud-based technology allows your team to access updated documents or inventory in real time through several mobile devices like laptops and tablets. Companies can use cloud-based storage for data management without complicated and expensive network setups. Retailers and manufacturers can easily manage inventory from the cloud through the use of wireless scanners and cloud based inventory management tools.

However, in order to take advantage of the cloud and all its great tools, you will need quick, business level wireless Internet that can keep up with the demands of these powerful applications.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Free, reliable WiFi in any business will generate happier customers. At cafes and restaurants, for example, customers are more likely to stay longer when offered free Internet, which means they are also more likely to purchase more goods and services.

For medical offices, mechanic shops, and legal offices where customers have to wait for an appointment or while the actual service takes place, free WiFi helps the time pass by quicker. Businesses who offer as-you-wait WiFi have better customer ratings, even when the wait times are longer than competitors who don’t offer free Internet access.

In the hospitality industry, free WiFi has become the norm, so much so that failing to provide it may actually cost you a loss of business to the competition. Many customers consider a lack of WiFi a deal breaker when booking a hotel room.

5. Security

With SSID (Service Set Identifier) technology, you can set up to two separate access points on your network. One can be private and secure for the use of your employees, and the other can be made available to guests and customers. A private network gives employees the accessibility to instantly share important documents without compromising security. This set-up allows companies to provide free WiFi to their customers while keeping their internal information safe and secure

Investing in business WiFi in today’s technologically dominated world pays off quickly. It increases your company’s profits, agility and productivity while decreasing costs. Your business will gain a competitive edge over the competition by taking full advantage of all that WiFi has to offer.

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