, Understanding the Need for Business Continuity

Understanding the Need for Business Continuity

Maintaining business functionality during times of crisis is a hallmark of any great company. Communication interruptions, whether caused by internal malfunction or external disaster, can spell disaster for small businesses. Issues with hardware and software as well as power outages and natural disaster can cause delays in your ability to serve your clients, which affects your credibility and profits. Having continuity strategies in place can help your business mitigate any unforeseen disruptions in service.

With so much business conducted through technology today, the need for business continuity has never been more urgent. You cannot assume that your employees will know what to do in the event of an emergency, so it is your responsibility to make sure protocols are in place. Making sure your business is prepared for the unexpected can prevent damages to your company not covered by insurance, such as a loss of the market share, development setbacks, and irreparable harm to your reputation. Disruptions are no laughing matter: according to the Insurance Institute of Business & Home Safety, 25 percent of businesses fail after a major event. Is your business prepared?

Here are 4 essential aspects of a good business continuity strategy your business can start using today:

Software Backup

From data to applications and servers, IT is a vital part of your business. Hard backups have their place, but virtual cloud storage is an increasingly attractive option. Companies that utilize cloud services minimize downtime and reduce the need for personnel and hardware. Most importantly, cloud storage provides an inexpensive option for growing businesses to implement data backup redundancy at multiple off-site locations.


For increased accessibility and mobility, many companies choose to virtualize their servers and individual desktops. Virtualization lets you and your employees take the office anywhere that has an internet connection. Vendors such as VMware and Citrix specialize in creating efficient and streamlined IT operations, which is becoming more and more popular with companies looking for business continuity solutions.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications combines voice, video, instant messaging, and email in a single user interface, which allows users to collaborate from anywhere sharing the same
networks, even if systems are down at the home office. Not only does Unified Communications aid in business continuity, but it also safeguards interactions by routing calls to employee smartphones.

Backup Power

Power outages constitute the number one cause of unplanned IT downtime. Maintaining your localized infrastructure to keep vital systems functioning can be as simple as installing uninterruptable power supplies (UPS). A UPS will keep your business’s IT systems operational and your hardware and data safe in the event of a power outage.  The importance of your business’s ability to quickly restore service in the event of a crisis cannot be overstated. Hardcopy system backups can still do the trick, though virtual storage provides a quicker, easier, and less expensive option for small businesses. By establishing a business continuity plan, you are ensuring that your company will be ready for any potential disaster.  If you are ready to learn how you can start planning for the unexpected, call nQuery Solutions today.

As Miami’s leading telecom solutions company, the independent telecom agents at nQuery Telecom will guide you through the process of safeguarding your business from disaster and provide you with an impenetrable business continuity plan.

As the founder of nQuery Telecom Solutions, Emilio Diaz uses his 20+ years of experience in the telecom business to help build cost effective telecom solutions for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions. His experience as an innovative technology entrepreneur and a long-term business owner gives him intuitive insight to help boost productivity and maximize future growth.

You can reach Emilio at Emilio@nquerysolutions.com or call 305-760-8491


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, Understanding the Need for Business Continuity
As the founder and chief technology advisor of nQuery Telecom Solutions, Emilio Diaz uses his 25+ years of experience in the telecom industry to help build cost-effective telecom solutions for growing businesses who need to plan properly for growth and scale. He believes that technology as a whole must serve one purpose - to elevate the customer experience to directly improve revenue growth. His experience as an innovative technology entrepreneur and a long-term business owner gives him intuitive insight to help boost productivity and maximize future growth. You can reach Emilio at emilio@nquerysolutions.com or call 305-910-2324.

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