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An increasing number of businesses allow workers to telecommute on a full- or part-time basis. The flexible workplace makes it possible for employers to tap the best talent, wherever they may be. Workers, however, must be on the same page and serve customers at the same pace, despite the lack of a singular brick-and-mortar worksite. Unified communications (UC) integrate various applications and, with the help of robust broadband, make it possible for employees, customers and other partners to collaborate and communicate quickly and efficiently. The benefits of a UC strategy are clear for companies looking to increase profitability and remain competitive.

Seamless Communication

Think about the various applications your businesses uses for internal and external communications. Each application might function efficiently on its own, but some applications may not work well with others. Lack of integration of critical communications applications often results in response lag times and work slow-downs. UC connects your telecom and business applications so that they work together. For example, UC syncs you and your employees so you can access voicemail from your email accounts on multiple devices, find one another online and chat or meet via video-conference to solve problems quickly.

Effective Virtual Workgroups

As a business owner, you want your employees to work together effortlessly. You also want them to complete projects on time. But even if you use powerful software packages made for collaboration, such as Microsoft Office, you won’t benefit from them if you don’t know the extent of their capabilities. A UC solution provides robust productivity and management oversight options. It also can be used to create a similar look and feel across multiple productivity applications. Simply put, a UC solution makes your applications look like they came out of the same box and work the same way, which makes them easier to use.

Accommodate Multiple Workstyles

UC solutions make a dispersed team feel more connected, whether they are home-based or travel part-time for the business. The feeling of connectedness is important, especially for telecommuters who often feel left out and nonessential to the company’s mission. One of the biggest benefits of UC solutions is that they can be deployed on employees’ personal devices and still fulfill your company’s data security needs. Such solutions also allow employees to separate computer-based work and personal online activities.

The Bottom Line

When your business applications work together seamlessly, you can keep customer service promises. If your company’s goal is to increase customer call or email response times, for example, having a UC solution in place means customers no longer have to limit their questions and concerns – or their desire to buy from your business – to weekday, business hours. Overall, business owners who deploy UC solutions can expect lower infrastructure costs, software licensing fees and other operational expenses.

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