VoIP Phone Service for Business: Your International Clients Want to Call…Can They?

Have you found a good VoIP phone service for business? If not, imagine something for me.

You run a business in Miami that imports goods to sell to companies and individuals here in the United States. You’ve found reliable suppliers in Europe and Latin America and have started to place your orders with them. Business picks up. People from across Florida and even in nearby states have ordered from you.

There’s only one problem—your phone bill.

All those international calls you’ve been making are starting to catch up with you. Perhaps you didn’t realize the costs associated with these calls when you started out, but you’re certain that things have to change if your business is going to grow at all.

Here’s why you need VoIP phone service for business:

Landlines Are Expensive

Many businesses still use a landline telephone to make calls. Even long-distance calls placed on traditional landlines can be expensive. So, you can imagine just how much international calls can end up costing you. Still haven’t upgraded your phone system from a landline? Be sure to check your rates before placing any long-distance or international calls.

Does Your Mobile Phone Plan Cover Long-Distance and International Calls?

Using a cell phone to conduct business has many advantages. You can use them virtually anywhere. You can assign them to your employees to help your business run more smoothly. Mobility and convenience, however, sometimes comes with a hefty price tag if your plan does not include international calls.

VoIP Phone Service for Business

Compared to landlines and cell phone plans, Voice over Internet Protocol offers businesses a less expensive way to make both domestic and international calls. Instead of connecting you via a phone line or by a cell phone tower, VoIP allows you to make your calls by hooking into your internet connection. Not only that—because you’re making calls over the internet, you can utilize your computer, laptop, or tablet in addition to your chosen phone system.

It’s critical to understand, however, that different VoIP phone service for business providers offer different rates for international calls. For example, a provider that offers calls to Mexico for a penny per minute beats another that offers calls to Mexico for $0.03 per minute. But for calls to the UK, these same providers might switch places in terms of cost.

As you can probably tell, the best provider for your business is the one that offers the best international rates for the countries that you call most often. In fact, some VoIP providers offer unlimited calls to multiple countries. That means you might even be able to stay in contact with your overseas partners without adding to the initial costs of your phone service.

Before you try to research which VoIP provider offers the best deal for your business’s international call needs, you should know that nQuery Technology Solutions is way ahead of you. We work with hundreds of solutions experts and VoIP providers. Many of them offer unlimited calls to as many as 33 countries.

Does your business cross international borders?  Let nQuery show you how to save money. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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