Why You Should Have a Dedicated Internet Access Connection Combined with Security for Your Business

With almost 30% business being conducted online, today’s digital world is made up of eCommerce businesses, meetings and video conferences, high-quality streaming, and tons of terabytes of cloud storage. All this calls for only the best quality business internet connection.

Unfortunately, not all internet connections function on an equal level. If you’ve ever used a public WiFi, you’d know what that means. The shared connection makes it frustrating to carry out even small online tasks such as sending an email or browsing for some important information. Imagine what such a slow internet connection would do to your online business. You’d surely not want to share bandwidth and hamper your business.

This is where a dedicated internet access service for business comes in. Such Internet Service Providers help make a difference. It is not just the case of a slow connection that will disturb your business but several other challenges that can hurt your online activities as well as your revenue.


While it is true that the internet has allowed businesses to grow and interact with their target audiences, not having a strong internet connection can hurt both the external and internal communications of your organization. Such internet failures can cause catastrophic damage.

But why do internet slowdowns happen? Slowdowns and downtime usually occur when businesses depend on shared internet connections. Now what does “shared” internet mean?

Many businesses decide to opt for shared internet connections, which means that they share the bandwidth with other organizations. Though this may seem like an inexpensive way of accessing the internet, such a system is not always reliable.  Shared bandwidth can create slowdowns and internet glitches, which can cause your staff’s productivity to fall as the teams may have to spend more time completing their tasks.

Another disadvantage of depending on a shared internet connection is the risk of a security breach. Shared internet provides one less layer of protection against cybercriminals. Your business can suffer from increased cyber-attacks, virus threats, malware and the like on a shared connection.

All of the unencrypted data that leaves your organization as well as the network traffic can be easily monitored by hackers or people who want to harm your business. Hiring a dedicated team to establish additional security protocols can be quite an expensive activity.

Also, when your business relies on a shared connection it is not able to reap the benefit of a 24/7/365 customer support system. Which means if there is some connectivity issue you are not going to know how long it will take to restore complete service. This will not only cost you valuable time but also lose you significant revenue.

The Solution – Claro’s Security + Dedicated Internet Service Offering

The challenges of using a shared internet connection are tough and complex, but the solution is very simple. All that your organization needs is a Secure Dedicated Internet Access Bundle  (Secure DIA) from Claro Enterprise Solutions that provides 24/7/365 customer support along with Security Operations Center (SOC) managed network monitoring and firewall protection. The service ensures reliable bandwidth with increased security, and symmetrical upload and download speeds. Secure DIA allows you to detect and mitigate a cyber threat before it occurs, so that your staff’s productivity can remain unaffected.When risks of internet slowdowns, virus attacks, unwanted spam, and cyber-attacks are reduced, your business can expand and grow as per your strategy.

“We find ourselves engaged with clients whose internet is their lifeline.  The add-on conversation involves around security and how they can minimize the risk of getting ransomware attacked.  We found that Claro delivers an exceptional internet product but with something most providers do not – security layered in as part of their offering” – Founder of nQuery Emilio Diaz says.

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With  Security + DIA your organization stands to reap the following benefits:

  1. The dedicated connection can support a range of your business needs. You can choose from many flexible connectivity options (low, medium, and high-speed connectivity). provide.
  2. Since it is a dedicated and reliable connection your business is guaranteed bandwidth that is available to you alone as you are the circuit owner. You share your bandwidth with no one.
  3. You will rarely experience an inferior feed or a choppy connectivity issue with a DIA. Both upload and download speeds are symmetrical.
  4. Your network security improves tremendously. This is a critical area of your business that requires serious consideration. Your businesses’ financial security depends on it, especially if your staff handles sensitive data. A Secure DIA Bundle can chase away your worries about data theft, threats from other networks, or even risks from hackers. The additional firewall option helps block virus attacks, malicious code, etc., and also help identify phishing scams, spam, and malware.
  5. Improved 24/7 customer support ensures slowdowns and internet issues, if any, are resolved promptly by Claro’s world class customer service team. The work of your staff is not hampered, and your revenue is not hurt.

All the above benefits ensure your experience of using Claro’s dedicated internet access service is smooth and trouble-free.

The nQuery Benefit

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Claro Enterprise Solutions, LLC is a global technology services company that provides proven, tailored solutions and a seamless customer experience to help businesses evolve and adapt to constant change. The company has two decades of experience across 25 countries and focuses on continually developing new approaches to enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes. From digital innovation to streamlined operations, from enhanced security to guaranteed reliability, our products and services help businesses run better, faster and more efficiently.

nQuery is a Florida based company, servicing clients worldwide. Unlike most Technology advisors, we do not follow the typical sell and run mind-set. Customer service is our top priority. Our Cloud and Digital Transformation experts are there for you anytime, even after the installation is complete. In essence we manage all your Cloud and Technology needs as part of our all-included concierge services from beginning to end.

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, Why You Should Have a Dedicated Internet Access Connection Combined with Security for Your Business

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